FxST Optimized ActionLearning Seminar
“Consistent Forex Profits – Turn Decades Into Days!”

Are you frustrated with your Forex account results? Are you hitting a profit-ceiling on on Forex account? Are you ready to committee your full attention to Forex? Most attendees that choose to attend a live training event at FxST have one thing in common.

Commitment to success beyond the average trader!

If you are tired getting caught on the wrong side of the Trade – 0ver and over then live seminar training will drive home the FxMicroProfit strategy that puts you into winning trades 85% of the time!

Consistent Winning Profitable Trades Executed With Ice-Cold Emotions and Nerves Of Steel!

Live Seminar = Fortified Confidence

Most successful forex students dramatically accelerate their learning curve through what we call blended learning! In other words, they use online and real world live interaction with professional traders and their peers to get the better results faster.

FxST continues to establish new standards in Forex Training – using cutting edge experiential learning techniques used by NASA , NY Stock Exchange and other information intense industries. Trying to learn a new topic is hard enough, add in rapidly evolving technology, and cut-throat industry that seek newbie retail traders to manipulate and success can take years on a part-time effort.

FxST live seminars use instructor led and group learning strategies in a Revolution In Seminar Live Forex Training Seminar that is committed to your learning.

Most seminars are designed to sell you another product or service and setting you up to chase your learning, like a dog chasing its tail!

If you are sick and tired of those “monkey-see, monkey do” seminars or those fire-walking rock’n roll seminars that entertain but do very little for you education… well you will be blown away with the revolutaionary “Optimized Action-Learning Seminars” ™…

Committed To Your Success – A Revolutionary New “3-Phase” Seminar Format

At a FxST seminar your learning is our only commitment.

Our “Optimized Action-Learning Seminars” ™ format will never leave on your own.

How many times have you gone to a seminar, get all jazzed and excited about the new material and concepts only to discover you had no idea how to put that new learning into ACTION?

Never again!

Each FxST seminar contains 3 unique elements to ensure you arrive prepared and obtain the highest instruction possible:

  • Phase 1: Webinar Primer (Pre-Live Seminar Primer) (7 days prior to seminar)
  • Phase 2: Live Seminar – experiential hands on instruction
  • Phase 3: Webinar Support (Post-Live Seminar Support) (10 days after seminar)

Event the best Forex seminars can leave you stranded when you return home and have to take the theory and apply it on your own! With the “3-Phase Seminar” format you will have direct access to instructors after the live training to answer those “break-through” questions that you always wished you could have answered!

Forex Trading Room

Come Visit Us and Trade Live! View From The ForexSuccessfulTraders.com Live Trading Room, Coral Cables, Florida, USA

All training is conducted at our cutting-edge state of the art Forex Trading Room in Coral Gabels, Florida.

Each participant will have their own trading station – hands on learning is what it is all about! Our small group seminars ensure you get personal attention and all your questions answered!

I look forward to seeing you in our trading room soon!

Kind Regards,

Armando Martinez, Chief Master Traders


FxST Live Seminar Event Calendar

Next Forex Training EVENT:

Mon, Sept 20 – Fri, Sept 24

Forex Scalping Advanced – Fast Track Success Part 2 of 2

WHEN: (3 Days) September, 22-24
WHERE: Miami, Florida (well just outside, in Coral Gables)
WHO: Forex Trading Experiences (Intermediate-Advanced)
INVESTMENT: $1,997.00  EARLY BIRD SPECIAL – Register before Sept 1, 2010  $1,497.00  (SAVINGS $500)

Seminar Description: This advanced seminar course  shows you exactly how Professional Traders manage Forex as a REAL WORLD Business.  Most struggling Forex Traders FAIL because they treat Forex as a HOBBY or GAME and NOT LIKE a real business.  Learn exactly the  tools, methods and strategies  Inter-Bank Traders use for consistent profitable trades without emotions involved.  This will give you not only confidence to trade like a pro, but a reliable Forex  system that  any retail trader can be easily apply for breakthrough results!

This seminar will be led by Chief Master-Trader Armando Martinez.

  • One-to-One Personal CoachingIn Live Group Setting
    • Get Direct Answers To Your Questions using “FxMoneyMap”
  • Emotion Free Trading – Learn how to overcome mental barriers and bad habits
  • Forex Business Plan – Learn proper account management and leverage
    • Analyze past performance for break-through trading results (i.e. stop hidden bleeding points = expose instant hidden profits)
  • Manage Multiple-Positions – Learn now to unleash the force of exponential growth in your account.
    • Reduce Risk and learn the art of using “Price Window” to double and triple profits
  • FxMicroProfits Part II – Maximize Profit Growth and eliminate “account blow-up” Risk
    • Review FxST 5 Proprietary Trade Strategies and learn the variations that increase the number of profitable trading opportunities.
    • Learn how to recognize “false-setups”
  • Inter-Bank Trading Secrets– learn exactly how inter-bank traders use “Conventional” technical analysis against Retail Traders like clock-work!
    • Learn instant “Bullet-Proof” Profit Tricks using the ‘Gap Method” and “Spike Trade”