Forex Successful Traders Affiliate Program 

With the recent Upgrades of  the FxST Trading System, earning commissions has never been easier. As a Referral Partner you can get your links right after registration and use those when you want to show someone our unique Trading System.

How Does It Work?

When someone enrolls in the FxST Trading System using your Referral link you earn a commission. You will earn 10% commission of the first 10 referral sales, 15% of the next 10 referral sales, & 20% of every sale after that for every membership purchased from your referral partner link. (excluding datafeed costs if applicable)

The links we provide to you will allow a visitor to register for a free video training series that will walk them through our trading methods and software step by step. They will also be able to register for a free strategy session with our Education Specialists or Sr. Traders to help them decide if our program is right for them.

So don’t worry about having to follow up with anyone or explain the program to them, we will take care of  that process for you and if a sale results from it you will get paid your referral commission on the program they purchase.

Affiliate Registration Form