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FxST Traders Comment:

Another Great Scalping Day!

Today,  Jr. Trader G-Man takes a Short position on  EUR/USD  –  Watch Scalping Strategy #2, Salivator Trade™, happen in the Live Online Training Room  – Resulted in quick 10+ PIPS!


FxST Scalpers Daily Recap:

Highlights of Top 3 Learning Moments

  1. Learning Moment #1: Junior Trader (G.) Takes a Short Salivator Trade™ on EUR/USD   Video Time line  (0:00-2:35)
  2. Learning Moment #2: Junior Trader (G.) Does a Summary for Day  Video Time line (2:36-4:50)
  3. Learning Moment #3: Junior Trader (G.) Announces a Short on GBP/USD and Jr Trader (J.) Shorts EUR/JPY   Video Time line (4:51-8:08)

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