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Another Great Scalping Day!

Today was a great day for our scalping strategies.  Chief Trader Armando Martinez & member of the FxST team executed a Long position on GBP/USD using the Salivator Trade  Resulting in 10-18 Pips. With aggressive Price Action you must have your tight stops and always focused on the market. To watch all 3 trades from today, members can login on the right.——————->

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FxST Scalpers Daily Recap:

Highlight of the Top Learning Moment

  • Learning Moment # 1: Today was a great day for our scalping strategies, but an easy day to also take losses. You must always have your tight stops in place in case volatility picks us, such as today. After you are stopped out of a position you should always be prepared to reenter at your next level of support and resistance. That is why it is always important to have a plan before entering the trade. 3 Trades on GBP/USD are in this video, really focus on the Price Movement so you are prepared for next time! Video Time line (0:00 -14:51)

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