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Another Great Scalping Day!

Today, Chief Trader Armando Martinez takes a passive trade on the AUD/USD Currency as it enters the first Sell Zone on the FxPM™ Matrix. Once entering this short position, Armando immediately sets his stop-loss to allow a loss of -5 PIPS at max. Once he sees that the price has run a little and that an opportunity to lock in some profits has taken place, he gets out of the trade with +6 PIPS of profit! He does not fret over the fact that the price keeps running and that he could’ve made even more points on the trade, pointing out that there are always opportunities to take points elsewhere. Points add up, and it is important not to get greedy! Learn how to consistently profit in the Forex market by identifying precise entries and exits with the FXPM™ Software and ForexSuccessfulTraders Online Training School.

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