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Another Great Scalping Day!

Today, Chief Trader Armando Martinez takes a long trade on the EUR/USD, explaining, thoroughly, some of the intricacies of the FxPM™ software. He watches PMDs in the 1M and 5M time frames, and times his entry based off a flip in direction of the PMDs in the 1M column. Once he’s in, he demonstrates the best way to protect oneself when in a trade. Armando first places his emergency stop-loss, then moves it up to allow a maximum -7 PIPS loss. Shortly after minimizing the risk on his trade, he exits with +6 PIPS and explains that this is just enough. Understanding that alone is one of the key factors behind his method of consistent profitability. Learn how to consistently profit in the Forex market by identifying precise entries and exits with FXPM™ and Forex Successful Online Training School.

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