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Another Great Scalping Day!

Today’s Trade of the Day consists of every trade taken by Chief Trader Armando Martinez during a very volatile market after nonfarm payroll numbers and unemployment numbers were released for January. He first warns novice traders about the dangers of trading nonfarm payroll sessions, as even the most professional traders find it ideal to stay out of the market. Even Armando himself prefers to trade his demo account on days like today. Armando starts out today’s video with a short snippet on what to expect and the general market sentiment based off a day chart on the EUR/USD currency pair. Once numbers are released, we dive into four different trades, all of which Armando quickly enters and exits with PIPS. These short but profitable trades demonstrate the true value of the scalper’s mentality. Learn how to consistently profit in the Forex market by identifying precise entries and exits with FXPM™ and Forex Successful Online Training School.

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