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Another Great Scalping Day!

Happy President’s Day traders! Today, our traders stayed out of the market, holding true to the banking holiday. Instead, we’ve provided a treat for viewers: 2 trades from October 14th, 2011 in which Chief Trader Armando Martinez was able to meet (and surpass) his PIP-quota for the week! Armando takes two long trades, one on the EUR/USD currency-pair, and another on the AUD/USD currency-pair. Both are active positions, and as Armando’s preferred method of trading is scalping, he is able to take a quick +16 pips on the EUR/USD. The AUD/USD trade doesn’t take long to work in his favor, and as soon as he sees enough profit, he moves his stop-loss to break-even and lets the trade run for upwards of an hour! When all is done, he is able to collect +85 pips on this trade, and +101 altogether. What a session! Learn how to generate consistent profits and emotion-free trading in the Forex market long-term with the FXST Trading System.

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