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Another Great Scalping Day!

Today, we experienced some technical difficulties and weren’t able to obtain the recording for the session. However, we were lucky enough to find a post that traders can truly benefit from October 24th, 2011! During that session, Chief Trader Armando Martinez was able to take an advanced trade on the EUR/JPY. He saw that the PMDs in the 1-Minute time frame of the FxPM™ Matrix were closing the distance between them, and expected for the price to start moving in the opposite direction. Taking an active trade consisting of two lots, he set his stops and let the position ride for some time, and sure enough, he was able to see and take points in a matter of 15 minutes! At the end of the trade, he earns a net +34 PIPS of profit! Learn how to generate consistent profits and emotion-free trading in the Forex market long-term with the FXST Trading System.

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