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Another Great Scalping Day!

Today, we had some technical difficulties and were unable to obtain a recording of today’s trades. We were, however, able to obtain a trade from December 9th, 2012 that traders can truly benefit from! In this trade, Chief Trader Armando Martinez takes long positions on two different currencies, the EUR/JPY currency and the GBP/USD currency. He reminds novice traders that it is not advisable to trade multiple currency pairs simultaneously. Both positions taken are similar active positions, though on the latter, he takes two fills. He watches PMDs in the 1-Minute time frames on both the FxPM™ Matrices as they get closer together and from this, he is able to anticipate a move upward in the prices of these currencies. He takes +10 PIPS altogether on the EUR/JPY and +13 on the GBP/USD for a total of +23 PIPS! Learn how to generate consistent profits and emotion-free trading in the Forex market long-term with the FXST Trading System.

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