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Another Great Scalping Day!

Today Chief Trader Armando Martinez talks about his method for approaching the EUR/USD currency pair for a position. He points out PIP-ONACCI Walls that act as resistance levels in short-term and long-term time frames on the FxPM™ Matrix, and his anticipation of what would happen if the price approaches either. He notes that it is important for traders to adjust their strategies when trading on a Friday, as it is the end of the week and the market tends to be more irrational than on most days. He then goes into detail about what sort of retracement once might expect if the price meets the aforementioned levels. Learn how to generate consistent profits and emotion-free trading in the Forex market long-term with the FXST Trading System.

FxST Live Trading Room Results

Total PIPS: 28



Number Trades: 2



Success Trade Percentage: 100%

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