Exclusive FXPM™ Sneak Peak

So What Is All The Hype About?

If you are on this page it is do to your high level of interest within the FxST™ community and we feel like this is something you need to review! As some of you know we will be releasing a revolutionary new product Forex Price Movement™ (FXPM)  that will totally change the way you view the Forex market! This video will explain the different phases and upgrades the software will go through as it is being developed by our Elite team of traders and programmers. Those who act Immediately will be able to take advantage of  this very special new revolutionary product and all of its upgrades at a very low introductory  price!   Again this is a very special sneak peak and our Beta group will remain very small and intimate, if you have received this link it is because a special invitation was sent to you. PLEASE do not share this link, this is for your eyes ONLY!


Very Limited To Serious Members Only!

FxPM Matrix (Beta Version) Exclusive Limited Time Offer

• Multi-time frame analysis – instant information across 1,5,15,60 PLUS 240 minute Time frames!
• View up to 22 currency pairs at the same time – always see over-all market flow
• 6 Simple to use trading setups – Easy entry and exit points
• Next Generation Scalping Platform – See Price Movement From the inside out
• Single Column price movement indication – very easy to Interpret
• Full charting package – Install custom indicators
• Requires $89/month datafeed

FxMicroProfit Stategy Video Training Series

• Exclusive S.I.P.E Scalping Method
• Trademarked Scalping Strategies – 6 setups – Easy entry and exit points!
• ProfitProtectionSystem™ Professional Version Download (excel spreadsheet)
• ProfitProtectionSystem™ DVD

FxST 3 months free Live New York Online Training Room

• Live Interactions With Professional Forex Traders!
• Live Daily Training – Mon-Fri 7:30-11am EST
• “Emotion-Free” trading – stress-free enjoyable trading!
• Training, reading, and video