Frequently Asked Questions


What Is ForexSuccessfulTraders (FxST)?

FxST is a community of Forex Traders who are revolutionizing the way retail traders are able to see the market and Generate Consistent Profits and Emotion Free Trading. This community of traders treats Forex like a Business as opposed to traditional education, which occasionally guesses the correct way a currency pair will move. The FxST Trading System is the ONLY Forex community that provides a Complete Forex Trading System (Theories, Methods & Tools), and has developed it’s own Professional Trading Software. FxST provides Premium Ongoing Support and Training around the clock for their students.

What is Unique about FxST?

There are many resources that can teach you about the markets. However there is also a lot of out dated education on the internet that is nothing but basic conflicting trading theory. The FxST Trading System is designed to teach you how to execute very specific rules based setups. In other words we take the subjectivity and guess work out of trading.

The FxST Community is in the Forex market for the long-term. Our disciplined approach provides Traders, Beginners to Professional Money Managers, the Theories, Methods, and Tools required to consistently grow and sustain a profitable trading account.

In order to provide our students with the quickest and most effective training/coaching, we offer various services to accommodate each learning style.  The TheoriesMethods and Tools provided at FxST have been developed over the last several years by a Professional Money Manager that has worked with a top Market Maker and Interbank Trader.

Over the last several years FxST has trained hundreds of Traders, Beginners to Professionals, exactly how to begin making Consistent Profits, as well as to increase their profitability by focusing on Low Risk, High Return trading opportunities to help them individually achieve their goals in Forex Trading.

 What Type Of Forex Traders Does FxST Train?

We start by classify Traders into 3 separate categories:

  1. Never Traded Forex
  2. Inconsistent Trading Results
  3. Want to Make More Money
Depending on your experience level, FxST then provides you a Step-By-Step Blueprint to get you started on the quickest and most efficient path to generating Consistent Profits and Emotion Free Trading in the Forex Market.

Is This A Scalping Or Swing Trading System?

Both, we always say every great swing trade starts as a scalp! By being able to identify precise entries, you are able to significantly reduce your risk. Once you are in the the position, we then teach you exactly how to manage the trade in order for you to turn an effective Scalping trade, into a highly profitable Swing Trade with very little to no risk. This is the ONLY Forex Trading System that unites the best of Scalping and Swing Trading Strategies for Consistent Profits and Emotion Free Trading.

Why Do I Need The FxST Trading System?

Short-Term Success, i.e. luck, is something any trader can achieve by simply guessing. However, FxST focuses on the approach of creating a Consistently Profitable Forex Business on a daily, weekly and monthly, etc. basis, as well providing a long term sustainable business model using our Forex Business Plan. If you are looking to turn Forex in to a Business, you have come to the right place.

I Live Outside The USA, Can I Still Use The FxST Trading System?

Yes, we are constantly expanding our network of Forex Traders around the world by providing the highest quality education, training and mentorship in the Forex Industry. We lead by example by trading and teaching others to trade using minimal leverage and extremely tight stop losses using proven strategies that have stood the test of time. When these trades are executed, they have provided a high probability of Success ratio in our Live Online Training Room over the last 3 years.

How Much Does Your Trading System Cost?

Forex Successful Traders offers both free and paid education and trading tools. You may be wondering,“How much does the FxST Trading System Cost?”  If you’re new to Forex Successful Traders, start by getting this free video training series on the FxPM Trading Software.  Availability in our training program is limited due to the fact that we work with each student on a 1-to-1 basis.  Our paid membership levels include a license of the FxPM Software, access to our educational training rooms, online training curriculum, and daily trading videos.  To check for openings and tuition discounts, call an Education Counselor at at 877-988-7233 or 786-522-0082.  If you prefer, you can click here to learn more.

What Is A Forex Business Plan?

FxST provides students with a detailed Forex Business Plan that shows you exactly how to determine your trading goals, along with a daily Step-By-Step Blueprint of exactly how to achieve those goals. Many Traders Have NO Idea whether their trading strategies are actually effective, nor how to make any corrections to fix/optimize any of these issues. A detailed Forex Business Plan shows both the positives and the negatives of any trading strategy. This is absolutely essential to generating Consistent Profits and Emotion Free Trading. Click Here To Learn More

Is It Possible To Make More Than 15-Pips/Day?

Absolutely. We have many traders who start out consistently making 15 Pips/Day and after they have Mastered That Foundation, position management techniques allow those traders to turn a scalp into a 50-100 pip swing trade with NO addition risk!

How Much Money Can I Make?

Profitability depends on the size of your account and the amount of leverage utilized. Forex Trading should be treated as a business and not a game. The FxST Trading System was designed to provide you more accuracy and precision when executing positions, enhance your ability to consistently place winning trades, as well as teach you Professional Position Management skills to maximize your profits while minimizing your risk.

Can I Start Trading With A Live Account?

Yes. However, FxST recommends trading with a Free Forex Demo Account for at least 60-days so when you do go “Live”, you have had an opportunity to make the typical mistakes on the demo account, as opposed to risking real money. During this time you will be able to focus 100% on learning the FxST Trading System and developing the essential habits required to generate Consistent Profits and Emotion Free Trading.

Can I Use Any Forex Broker?

Yes, you can trade with any Forex Broker.

Do You Have Online Live Training For All Trading Sessions?

The FxST Online Live Trading Room is available for the London (4:30am-6:30am EST) and New York (8:00am-11:00am EST) sessions. FxST will be launching an Asia session in the near future to provide Professional Forex Training around the clock.

Do You Have A Physical Office Location?

Yes, our State-Of-The-Art Trade Floor is located in the heart of Coral Gables, Florida and fully equip with 20+ Professional Forex Trading Stations with the FxST Trading System and Demo Accounts preloaded on all of them. Our address is 1901 Ponce de Leon Suite 202, Coral Gables, FL 33134.

Can I Contact FxST Coaches For Personal One-On-One Forex Coaching?

Yes, personal one-on-one Forex coaching with FxST Senior Traders and Professional Money Managers is available both online or offline via phone or email for a small fee. Please call 786-522-0082 for details…

Will FxST Provide Me With Technical Support?

FxST employs a world class technical support department that can be reached 24 hours / 7 days per week via the FxST Support Desk. If you have any other questions or concerns you can reach the technical support department at 1-877-98-TRADE ext. 3 or 786-522-0082 ext. 3.

Is The FxST Trading System An Automated Software (Robot/EA)?

No, the FxST Trading System gives clear buy and sell signals while still affording the trader the option to execute the trade, which we believe provides the trader the best of both worlds. There are many times when a trader has more insight than an automated system based on current events taking place where no automated system could ever account for these same events. There are also situations when it makes more sense to sit out of a trade rather than to execute it blindly and potentially lose money by chasing and/or being in trades we have no business being in.

What Other Costs Are Involved?

The FxST Trading System is a standalone trading platform that runs on an Institutional data feed via Currenex. Our current data feed provider is VCI Group LTD, which is a 3rd party provider and the monthly data feed cost is $129.

What is the Datafeed For?

When developing a Proprietary Trading Software there are certain decisions to be made, mainly those in reference to the data stream provider. Given the high quality of our product, we feel that it is necessary to couple it with the best data collection tool available. We chose Currenex because of their ability to find the most competitive bid and ask prices among 80 major banks. This system enables them to be a leader in the data industry and will help you become a leader in the Forex Trading community by providing much tighter spreads.

In most cases FxST covers your first year of data feed so that you have plenty of time to learn how to trade profitably before having to pay for your own data.

We invite you to watch our Free Video Series and allow our trading support staff to get you on the path to generating Consistent Profits and Emotion Free Trading.

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