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Forex Scalper Success Formula (Part 1 of 7)

Lesson#1: Using the FxST™ Forex Calculator, Erik, exposes the exact trading style that leads to account blow ups!  The goal here is to show you how to avoid the “Dark Side” of Forex and how Junkie Profits™ are the #1 enemy of Successful Forex Traders.

In the introduction videos the Forex Trading Strategy of FxMicroProfits™ was introduced. However, after training 100’s of students, FxST™ Chief-Master Trader, Armando noticed that the experience of losing 80% of the value of your trading account is often the best way a new trader can REALLY learn the lesson’s of  dangerous High Leverage and High Risk trading.

The “Forex Calculator” was built with the purpose for new Trades to simulate  trading strategies, and we encourage you to challenge the “FxMicroProfits” strategy … enjoy!

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