learn how to scalp forex

Day 6: Real People. Real Stories. Real Results

Learning Goal: How anyone with a passion to make money  can start a $100,000/year Forex Business. Video 16 is critical to watch and bookmark – it is real case study of Forex Account audit where a student makes a transition from a DEMO account to a Live Account!

Key learning points include:

  • Is scalping Forex right for you?
  • Do you have the discipline to let trades come to you?
  • Do you enjoy using spreadsheets and analyzing numbers?
  • The temptation to chase Junkie Profits is a real threat to every trader – how to protect yourself using the ProfitProtectionSystem™?

Instructions: Watch the videos as many times as you need to grasp the concepts.

Level: Beginner – Advanced

Time:  17 minutes (3 videos)

Video 13: High School Student Skips College and Chose A Forex Mentorship Program

Video 14:
G-Force, the Brazilian super-scalper reveals his transition from corporate consulting to the life-style of a successful Forex trader!

Video 15:

University Student, Josh “Wonder-boy” Wilson, tells his journey from the Dorm room to the executive suite!

Video 16:

Real World Case Study of FxST’s Chief Master Trader doing a live audit on a students Forex Account. In this video you will see how a new Forex trader makes a transition from his Demo account to a live trading account.  Pay attention to how a this new trader deviated from his business plan and how this undisciplined approach can led to Forex B lackhole – “Account Blow-Up” where he gives back in one session a whole months profit. The real purpose of the FxST’s ProfitProtectionSystem™ comes to life here….  it protects you from giving your profits back!


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