Why Do 97% Of Traders LOSE Money In FOREX?
Answer: “Account Blow-Up”

Here is Exactly what you need to do to generate Consistent Profits and Emotion Free Trading in Forex using the “SECRET” Tactics of Interbank Traders:

  • What is The Dark Side of Forex and How To Avoid It!
  • Learn 4 Types of Forex Profits!
  • How to Instantly Recognize and Avoid JunkieProfits™ !
  • Discover a Bullet Proof ‘ProfitProtectionSystem™!
  • 7 Fibonacci Trading Setups You Must Master!
  • How To Eliminate The “Charting” Blindspot!

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Chapter Summary
Unleash The Power Of FxMicro Profits – FxMastery Of Sunshine Profits

  • Chapter 1 –  Why  97% Of Traders  Lose Money In  FOREX 
    Unspoken “Darkside” Learn How To Protect Your Account Things That Brokers Don’t Want You To Know Presented By: Senior Trader Josh Wilson  (4 min 13 sec)
  • Chapter 2 –  7 Keys To The Perfect “Profit Protection System”
    Don’t get misled by tradition Forex journals, learn the difference between amateur and professional traders Presented By: Senior Trader Josh Wilson  (2 min 10 sec)
  • Chapter 3 –  How To Start Manage “Sunshine Profits”
    Here’s exactly what the “Profit Protection System” looks like Presented By: Senior Trader Josh Wilson   (3 min 6 sec)
  • Chapter 4 – How Much Money Can You Make With A $2,000 Forex Account?
    How A forex newbie used the “Profit Protection System” to find the paths to “Sunshine Profits”. Presented By: Senior Trader Josh Wilson   (4 min 45 sec)
  • Chapter 5 – Here’s exactly how to start using the “Profit Protection System”
    Take massive action now!  Bridge The Gap Between Theory and Pratice
    Presented By: Senior Trader Josh Wilson   (4 min 37 sec)
  • Chapter 6 –  How  The “Profit Protection System” STOPS Forex Suicide
    Watch exactly how  a  Professionally  Managed Account gets reviewed, audited and assessed.  Here is where forex successful traders are made.
    Presented By: Chief Master Trader, Armando Martinez   (20 min 12 sec)

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