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    “I finally know how to make money in a real Forex Business…”

    I finally know how to make money in a real Forex Business…”After a $50k school debt, 4 yrs in Business Management School, and 3 years in the real business world, I never received education or training that taught me how to make money until now!  I wish I meant Armando and the FxST MicroProfit Strategy before I started school… this is a real business plan!

    Giovanny Vasquez – College Graduate


    Iv’e been doing Forex for like 3 months. I was doing it before, but that was like 20 years ago. Lately I got back into it because I was in the real estate business and that wasn’t going very well. I moved into the Forex market and was losing money, so I decided I had to get myself some education. I have now learned if you stick with the plan, you’ll be making more than everyone else.

    Hasmet TopcuogluEntrepreneur




    Armando Martinez - FxST Chief-Master Trader

    Message From: Armando Martinez, Chief-Master Trader

    Dear Forex Trader,

    The journey to Forex success will change your life in ways you can never imagine. At first you may start with hopes and dreams of financial independence, but quickly you realize this is only a small part of the lifestyle enjoyed by Forex traders. The community of traders and friendships formed reveal a side of Forex that you never read about in main stream media.

    The quintessential image of a Wall Street trader, with nervous ticks, heart palpitations, and existing in a chronic state of anxiety can not be further from the truth of how successful traders live. I often refer to Forex as the greatest business opportunity of the decade for 2 reasons. First, because of the simplicity of the mechanics in getting started, anybody, at any level of education or income, can get started. And secondly, because of the “Predictable Irrationality” of a 4 trillion dollar a day market.

    I have been blessed in my Forex journey to have been granted the privilege to have been mentored by some of the most brilliant financial minds found in the ivory towers of international banking. The lessons learned and the growth of my own Financial IQ in training 100’s of professional traders have lead me to simplify and condense a Forex Trading Strategy that you are learning about here.

    The old-fashion way of trading with complex charting and technical analysis is all but dead. Today we know trading is more of an art than science and the biggest demon you must fight is not the Forex Bully, but rather yourself and dare I say your ego? This small community of traders here, we call ourselves FxST, is all about, helping each other to stay accountable to our Forex Business Plan and to share our success and failures in the name of expanding our own FxMastery and personal mastery.

    With the FxST community on this site, you begin to learn of a new world that looks very different than the Forex world you have learned about in books and from those institutional broker “retail” education programs. We hope to challenge you in every way and that you will share and comment and challenge us on the trading principles that we call FxMicroProfits™.

    Ironically, the question of making big money in Forex is not an “IF” it is a given. The real skill is in not “blowing up” your accounts and giving everything back, including your health. I hope you can unlock the Forex secret of leveraging small consistent high probable trades.

    It is a privilege and honor to have you visit and watch our training videos and content. Your time is important, and on this site you will find that we are serious about education and we promise not to send you hyped marketing promises of a get rich quick scheme. Everything we do is to expand FxMastery through the power of our trading strategy called FxMicroProfits™.






    P.S Perhaps the greatest paradox in Forex is the extreme joys experienced in “Emotion-Free” Trading – remember trading should be a stress-free joy!