Why We Don’t Jump In To Break-outs?

Lesson: In this lesson Chief Trader Armando Martinez Explains The Inter-Bank Trader mentality And how they take advantage of retail traders.  Do to the amount of risk with break-out trades this is why so many Forex Traders fail.  Many of you will come in to the training room wondering why we are not taking these ” Follow The Leader Trade Setups” or break out trades.  In This Video Armando explains why we do not try to predict the direction of the market but instead let the market move and react to the price movement.

Another common question in the Live training room is this:  If you think the price will reach a certain level, why not put on a trade in that direction and bet that it will go there?

The very simple answer to that question is – Risk.  The first thing you must take into consideration while placing a trade is how much risk you are assuming! If you have a price target that you think the price will go to, you must wait for pull-backs so you can keep a very tight stop loss and assume less risk.  That is what the Appetizer Trade Strategy™  is all about!

This video will show you exactly why we wait for the Appetizer Trade Strategy™ to take advantage of break outs! For your convenience we have Included 5 Appetizer trade strategies below! notice how we wait for the market to come to our entry point before executing to minimize our risk!


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