Price Action VS Price Levels?

Lesson: In this video Chief Trader Armando Martinez explains how we look at support and resistance levels (price levels) and why price movement is so crucial for activating trades.  Many trader over look the difference between these two elements but it as simple as this:

A price level is a fixed price at which we think may pose as support or resistance. Just because we have a solid price level does not mean we will activate the trade.  To scalp Forex like a professional you HAVE to pay attention to short term Price Action! Price action or price movement is a how fast the price gets to a certain area or level.  The faster the price travels to a resistance or support area, the better chances there are of it bouncing off of that price level.  Not only is price action how fast it gets to a certain level but how far the price has traveled away from its “1-min Boxes”.

If you still need help understanding what the “gap from the 1-min box” is please go back to day 2 and watch module 2 and 3 again and notice that a 20 pip gap is our main rule! Being able to recognize price action and those gaps from your 1 min box is all you need to achieve FXMicroProfits™, The Best Way TO STAY In The FOREX Business long term!


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