How The Hope Factor Kills Your Account!

Lesson: In this video Chief Trader Armando Martinez explains why it is so important to not only watch your short term technicals but respect them. The biggest part of becoming a successful trader is knowing how to accept losses and hoping and wishing a trade is going to work is a lack of acceptance.  As Armando states in the video, if the reason (hint: 20 pip gap from 1 min box)  you got in the trade no longer exist then why be in that trade? If the trade is not working in your favor right away there is no reason to hold it and HOPE that it will work!

Its as simple as asking yourself; Why risk my 13 pip stop when I can just bail out of this trade at break even and look for a new opportunity if its not working?  In scalping there is ALWAYS another opportunity just around the corner, and that is what makes FxMicroProfits™ the strategy of choice for so many Forex Scalpers.

There is a saying that goes something like this-

I would rather be out of the trade wishing I was in, then in the trade wishing I was out!


This Subject Is Crucial To Emotion Free Consistent FxMicroProfits™  …

This Is One Of Our Favorite Topics In The Live Seminar!

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