FxST Live Forex Trading Seminar
April 25-27, 2015




The FxST Level 1 Live Forex Seminar is a hands-on intense 3-Day Training Event.

The goal of this training is to closely mentor traders on a personal level, allowing the trader to learn with Professional Traders that are working directly with them . Your trading mentors will define exactly what you need to focus on in order to reach your goals as a Successful Forex Trader.

This event will only be available Online for the April Seminar due to remodeling in the Miami Trade Floor.


  • 3-Day Intensive Seminar 
  • Full Access to FxST Trade Floor & Tools
  • Daily Lesson Plan and Learning Exercises
  • Develop a Personal Forex Business Plan
  • Trade with Professionals in Real-Time

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Online Seminar
(Comfort of your Home)   

 Live Seminar
(Miami, Florida, USA)

Seminar Days:  April 25-27, 2015 Saturday – Monday
Saturday – Monday
Daily Lesson Plan & Exercises
Daily Recap & Proprietary Trade Analysis      
Develop a Personal Forex Business Plan
Exclusive FxPM Trading Strategies 
Position Management Techniques
Live Trading During New York Session
Full Access to FxST Trade Floor & Tools
1-on-1 Trader Evaluation (Day 3) 

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Results That Matter…
Real People. Real Stories. Real Results!

“Was I wrong to doubt Armando’s FxMicroProfits strategy…”

Even though I was committed to the day trading strategy at the time, I frequently tuned into Armando’s FxST trade room to hear his comments on the market and world economy, He reinforced the necessity to return to very passive trading rules in my business plan. I needed to learn patience and self-discipline, and Armando mapped out a way to success. I left Miami in February 2010 dedicated to applying the FxMicroProfit strategy but privately worried that the very passive approach would not provide sufficient profit. I saw no way to achieve a 15% monthly increase in my trading account and began to consider lowering my goal.

Was I wrong to doubt Armando’s FxMicroProfits strategy!

The last two weeks of February, I continued to breakeven, then to make slight profits while I learned a new trading platform and began to build the discipline required. The business plan was critical to keeping me on course. The profit protection plan and Armando’s excel spreadsheet are tremendous motivators. After making 15 pips in my primary demo account each day (hopefully), I would switch to my secondary demo account. Now at the end of March, I look at the excel spreadsheet for the month in complete disbelief. March had several of those very slow days for scalping. On the first trading day in March, I lost 1.75% of my primary demo account. However, during March my primary demo account increased by 13.8 %, and my secondary demo account increased by 12.8 %. If I had been working from one account, I would have increased my demo assets by over 26% in March.
Lee Hendricks – FxST Member 2.5 years

“I finally know how to make money in a real Forex Business…”

After a $50k school debt, 4 yrs in Business Management School, and 3 years in the real business world, I never received education or training that taught me how to make money until now! I wish I meant Armando and the FxST MicroProfit Strategy before I started school… this is a real business plan!
Giovanny Vasquez – FxST Breakthrough Seminar Attendee 

“As a Forex Newbie, I wasted 3 painstaking months until FxMicroProfits showed me a REAL plan…”

As a complete newbie, I spent 3 painstaking months researching for a real Forex strategy, and not some pie in the sky dream. FxST delivered on managing my expectation on how a Forex business works. I know exactly how to take the emotional guessing out of trading and let the market come to you.. as a newbie this is the single most powerful learning lesson of the FxMicroProfits strategy. Without a doubt, I have a solid foundation after attending the live training seminar in Miami and have made a commitment to be in the live training room every morning!
Will Avery – FxST Member 7 months & Scalpers Breakthrough Seminar Attendee

FxST Live Seminar
Level 1 Course Outline
April 25-27, 2015 

Day 1 – Forex Trading Introduction

    • Course Introduction
    • Trading Ranges
    • Riding Trends
    • Fibonacci Trading Windows

– Mastering The Fundamentals Of FxPM

    • Trading With Band Shades
    • Applying Dynamic Fibonacci
    • Understanding Market Direction With PMD’s
    • Tying It All Together With Multiple Time-Frames

Day 2 – Passive Trading Strategies  

    • Passive Strategy Overview
    • Follow The Leader Setup
    • Appetizer Trade Strategy™
    • Power V Trade Strategy™

– Advanced Passive Trading Strategies     

    • Passive (Adv.) Strategy Overview
    • The Salivator Trade Strategy™
    • The Pip-O-Nacci Wall™
    • The Pip-O-Nacci Extreme™

Day 3 – Active Trading Intro & Market Conditions

    • Refuel Trade
    • Position Management
    • Market Correlations
    • News Trading

– Skills & Drills Exercises      

    • 1-on-1 Trader Evaluation  (In Miami Office)
    • Live Market Trading Exercise
    • Insider Trading Tips
    • Business Plan Review
    • Course in Review