FxST Daily News Trading Strategy

Preparation is essential to finding success in Forex!

Below Chief Master Trader projects his expectations for tomorrows news events. See what the 14 year veteran will be watching closely and expecting during tomorrows Trading Sessions. Members will also have access to our analytical teams surprise factor used to give us another edge during major economic news events.

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  • London Session: We will be watching out for Retail Sales for the CHF as well as Halifax HPI for the GBP. although they are non tradable  numbers they will create high volatility in the market. However at 4:30am we will have Manufacturing PMI for the GBP which is a tradable piece of news. If we get a number greater than 59.1 we will look for GBP strength, and if the number comes in at 55.1 or less we will look for GBP weakness.
  • New York Session: We have a trade able piece of news at 10:00 am being the ISM manufacturing PMI. If we get a number that is 56.8 or greater we will look for USD strength and if we see a number 51.8 or less we will look for USD weakness. At 10:15 we have Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke speaking, during speeches we will not be trading that currency. After logging in, members can find more videos explaining all of our trade Strategies an the 7-Day Scalpers Action Guide.

Forex Economic Report Cheat Sheet

Daily Forex Trading Strategy:

(1)***NON TRADABLE***    3:15   CHF     Retail Sales y/y                    F=4.1%              P=3.8%
(2)***NON TRADABLE***    N/A   GBP     Halifax HPI m/m                 F= -0.4%           P=-0.6%
(3)***TRADABLE***               4:30   GBP   Manufacturing PMI             F=57.1              P=56.2          U= 2.0    GBP Strength- 59.1     GBP Weakness – 55.1New York:
(4)***TRADABLE***            10:00   USD   ISM Manufacturing PMI   F=54.3              P=56.2          U=2.5      USD Strength- 56.8    USD Weakness – 51.8

*At 10:15 Bernake will be speaking so no trading.


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