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Preparation is essential to finding success in Forex!

Below Chief Master Trader Armando Martinez projects his expectations for tomorrows news events. See what the FxST Community will be watching closely and expecting during tomorrows Trading Sessions. Members will also have access to our analytical teams surprise factor used to give us another edge during major economic news events.

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  • London Session: Chief Trader Armando Martinez announces that we will need to be focused for 1 news event during this session, which is  the MPC Minutes coming out of the UK at 4:30 am Est. This news release can definitely spark some price action because it’s related to Interest Rates. The forecast number is 1-0-8.  If the actual number varies by 2 votes in either direction, we would expect to see immediate strength or weakness. For exact buy and sell levels, see the information below. We have a 0.2% unexpected deviation and the buy and sell signals can be found below. If we see a number that hits are unexpected, we will also look to also place some PIP-ONACCI Extremes™ when the currency pair has exhausted itself.

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TIME (EST)           Currency              News            Sell Signal           Buy Signal

(1) 04:30 am            GBP                   CPI y/y                0-0-9                    3-0-8

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