Are Trading Rooms Effective?

What Is the Difference Between a LIVE Forex Trading Room vs Training Room?

A typical Forex Trading Room is a place for retail traders to watch live trade calls by a “guru” often called the trade room “Moderator”.  These “Trading Rooms” are designed to provide signals to the room attendees/viewers with the idea that you can follow the success of  the  room moderator by placing their own personal  trades as they are called. Through the years of working with our students we have found this method to be less effective.

In contrast, a Forex  Training Room focuses on the participants being able to acquire and develop the skills and knowledge to be able to trade independently.  A well defined trading plan and trading method are part of the training material. Participants are asked to focus on achievement on the long term goals defined in a business plan (i.e 52 week plan). In a training room participants not only have an outcome goal, but also  very specific ways on HOW to achieve those goals.

Furthermore, 2-way discussions are encouraged and small-group dialogue is not shaped by debate, but rather a collaborative and supportive nature. For example, in the FxST Training Room you will often hear participants sharing failures and hard lessons learned, in addition to success.

We invite you to experience the difference and the revolutionary new way that FxST uses a Training Room learning environment online to enhance the opportunities for Forex trading success.  We challenge you to look under the hood of how professional traders achieve success day in and day out, month after month with Consistent Profits and Emotion Free Trading.