Breakthrough Forex Scalping Secrets: Re-Take #2

Let me be frank here… I screwed up BIG Time and I want to make it up to you … !

For so many reasons it only makes sense that we are going to re-do our Breakthrough Scalping webinar:

  • Over 2,000 traders were locked out of Thursdays Breakthrough webinar
  • The webinar replay recording sucks! The audio got all screwed up … check it out here
  • Hundreds of comments and email questions flooded our support line….

This is your second chance to catch the controversial webinar that has the Forex community buzzing… !

The biggest mistake we made was not properly convey what the FxMicroProfit strategy actual is… Just reading the flood emails to our support desk and the webinar comments it was clear to me that there is still mis-conceptions and mis-understanding on the FxMicroProfit concepts.

For example, so many of you asked us repeated what we thought about “AUD/USD or if we are long on the EUR…” STOP RIGHT THERE!

The whole point of Scalping with the FxMicroProfit strategy is that we DO NEED TO PREDICT, GUESS OR GAMBLE on the market directon!

Do you see what I mean? I screwed up because I did not teach the MicroProfitStrategy™ in its entirety and how we use PRICE ACTION to eliminate guessing!

Frankly, I left TOO MANY loose ends with so many misconceptions that we are going to answer all the questions and set the record straight!

Do not delay – register now and clear your calendar for Tues night!


” Register For Breakthrough Forex Scalping: Re-take #2 – NOW!”


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