Monday, July 26, 2010
Time: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDT.

Host: Erik Kampe
Special Guests: Armando Martinez
Topic: “Fast Track to Successful Forex Trading”

OBJECTIVE: How To Avoid 7 Deadly Mistakes Using FxMoneyMap Software!

SPECIAL FxST Webinar Offer

Special Elite Forex Coaching Package:
Many of  you have requested a training that is a “lighter version” of the FxST Mentorship progam
(an intensive 1 year professional traders certification course). We have never offered a small group 3 month training  and we are looking  for a small group,  max 10 people, who would be flexible to complete a small test-group trial with us. As such we will workout  an incredible offer for this kind of Personal-Touch training. Requirements include: (1) being able to complete 3 months starting sometime in late Aug; (2) committed to Building a Real Forex Business using the FxST Theory, Methods and Tools; (3)  must be  an intermediate to advance ForexTrader.  Note, If you are a newbie Forex trader and have committed to success, then please submit the below application and we will consider creating a similar,but shorter  6 week course based on demand.

Small Group Intensive – 3 month Advanced Forex Training Course Outline

  • FXMoneyMap Software (purchase optional)
  • Weekly, Small-Group Coaching  for 3 months Using FxST Mentorship Training Course
  • 1 year Live Training Room Access
  • Live Training Seminar at Miami Office (Sept 20th-25th)

Click Here To Submit Application!

Ready To Fast Track Your Forex Business?

$7 – 7 Day
Risk-Free Trial

Webinar Participant Questions & Answer Summary:

  • Where is your live training room office?
    • 999 Ponce De Leon Blvd., Suite 945, Coral Gables, Fl. 33134
  • FXMoneyMap Is sold as a signal software are you saying it isn’t?
    • It can be used as signal software but we do not use it as such – as we stated it signals a trade opportunity and we always seek discount entry points.
  • Do you have live on site training?
    • Yes
  • What is the best currency pair to use with FXMM?
    • We recommend 3 for newbies: ERU/USD, GBP/USD & EUR?JPY
  • What is the best trade setup?
    • We recommend all 5 setups learning them in progression:  (i)Appetizer; (ii) Salivator; (iii) Power-V; (iv) PIP-ONACCI Wall; and  (v) PIP-ONACCI Extreme
  • What is the ForexMoneyMap Price?
    • We offer exclusive pricing to our membership – must call Marc for package options call 1-877-988-7233
  • What are the hours for the live training room ?
    • Room open during New York Session 7:30-11 am EST
  • IS there Free Access to Live Training Room?
    • We offer special FREE 1-day passes – call Marc directly to arrange call 1-877-988-7233


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