S.I.P.E. Method™

7 Easy Steps To The Professional Trading Strategy

Tuesday, June 28 , 2011

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EST

Host: Josh Wilson

Special Guests: Chief-Master Trader, Armando Martinez
Chief Business Officer, Marc Douglas


Hey guys… thanks again for the great questions and feedback last night at the webinar covering the S.I.P.E Method!!

The webinar replay is approximately 45 minutes and one of our favorite webinars yet. In this video you will learn what Chief Trader Armando Martinez has discovered over the last decade working with Interbank Trader and developing the State-of-the-Art Software called Forex Price Movement™, aka FxPM™.

Topics covered include:

  • Anticipation vs. Prediction
  • Predefined Trade Strategy
  • Patience is a Virtue for Traders
  • Execute Defined Trading Plan
  • MUST Eliminate Emotions

In this webinar, Chief-Master-Trader, Armando Martinez, explains how the S.I.P.E Method in conjunction with the FxPM Software can allow you to create your own Online Business.

Chief Business Officer, Marc Douglas also explains that a few seats have opened up is the last and Final phase of beta-testing. For more information on the FxPM Software – CLICK HERE


Enjoy the video!

Josh WIlson

FxST Certified Trader


p.s. Please do not hesitate to share comments and questions below!!!