FxST is a professional Forex Trading school that has been able to optimize the training process, to take complete Newbie Traders, to Managing Money Professionally.  In the past we often recruited from colleges and looked for highly academic young professionals,  however we were surprised to discover that the best raw talent came from an entrepreneurial spirit that had the passion and drive to create their own financial future as well as the older retiree looking to protect their wealth and enjoy the lifestyle of a successful trader.  When we talk about best talent, we mean a trader who can quickly ramp up to manage trades with consistent success. Unfortunately many new traders are unable to distinguish the difference between the “fastest speed”  to make money vs the “optimal speed” to make money.  In other words, professionals define quickly “ramping” up in terms of Consistent Success and amateurs define it as the lottery ticket mentality.

So What does this mean for you?

We all start trading Forex to make money and to enjoy a specific type of lifestyle that only Forex can give us. The problem is that very few traders actually achieve Consistent long term success. In Forex there’s no shortage of one time success stories where people may make a lot of money, but it’s not only about making money, it’s about keeping the money you have made and enjoying the lifestyle.

That said, it is nearly impossible to sustain long term consistent success if you get caught up in any of the points listed below:

  • Buying Unreliable Forex Robot JUNK
  • Listening To Debates On Where the Market Will Be Going
  • Following One Time Wonder Rookie Traders
  • Trying To Replicate These Monkey See Monkey Do Trading Rooms
  • Getting Nickel and Dimed By All  The Cheap Low Quality Courses
  • Chasing High Risk Breakout Trades
  • Trying to Find the Next Million Dollar EA
  • GAMBLING With Your Hard Earned Money

As a professional trading school FxST has the luxury of closely watching a students progress and what it takes to be a long term successful trader.  Conversely, FxST also knows the exact pattern of trading behavior and mindset that shatters a traders confidence on the doorstep of success.

FxST has identified the danger  zones in the learning curve for two types of students : (1) Experiencing Early success; and (2) Struggling for success.  Students who experience early success are in danger of becoming over confident which can lead to careless and reckless trading. Likewise, students struggling for success are in danger of not recognizing the hidden progress of good solid trading skills.

Every trader regardless of where they started has a unique and individual optimal learning path that determines their arrival to the ultimate goal of becoming a long term Successful Forex Trader.

In order to become a long term Successful Trader there are 4 critical phases of trader development, similar to the four phases of a baby taking their first steps which include: (1) sitting up; (2) crawling; (3) walking; and (4) running.

Professional Forex traders were traditionally trained and mentored in Wall Street trading offices without a formal training program. This type of closed door or elite training was only available to very very few well connected individuals. Today the opportunity for the average retail trader to participate in the Forex market has never been easier and at the same time more dangerous.

Today, traditional Forex education and some brokers are both eager to feed  a hungry crowd the fast easy way to  start trading that often leads to excessive leverage, reckless trading, and greater possibilities of losses. In other words traditional Forex education neglects to provide a new trader the tools to properly learn and support good trading habits for long term success. Too many aspiring traders start trading Forex with a gambling attitude which  often leads  them to  having their confidence being shattered when they experience account blow-up – A painful reality of watching your account profits vanish.

The FxST Trading System is specifically designed to give average retail traders the necessary foundation and proven strategies for long term Forex success. This includes theories, methods, and tools that professional traders use to create a successful Forex business.

Often times traders believe that learning more charting patterns or more indicators will bring them more profit. The top professional traders excel by doing simple things really well over and over again and avoiding the common pitfalls and myths of the traditional trading mindset. Edward Finkelstein couldn’t have said it better in the following famous quote:


Bigness comes from doing many small things well. Individually, they are not very dramatic transactions. Together, though, they add up.

Edward Finkelstein

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See What Some Of Our Students Have Said…


Ken Stickler

Dr. Tom Arnette

Michael Lowsletter

Craig Chaney



Home Study Modules
Learn to Earn Directly From the Comfort of Your Home. All Premium Modules are Available Anywhere You Have an Internet Connection.
Core Trainings
Transform the way you think and react to market conditions, and the signals you get from your strategy telling you to initiate or exit a trade.
Quickstart Guides
Clear Video and PDF Instruction Manuals to Get Up and Running With Your Forex Business in a Matter of Hours.
Advanced Trainings
Take Your Trading Experiences Above And Beyond What Typical Trading Education Provides. Learn Proven Inter Bank Trading Methods.
Personalized Forex Business Plan
The Forex Business Plan has Literally Changed Traders Results Over Night. This is a Key Component to Mastering Consistent Profits
Real World Trading Scenarios
Get All of Your Questions Answered In Real Time As The Market Is Moving. You Can Look Over Our Shoulder As We Trade Live Holding Your Hand Every Step Of The Way.
Foundation Trading Basics
From Building and Executing a Solid Training Plan, Risk and Money Management, to Journaling Tips, and Running Your Trading as a Money-Making Business, we’ve got you covered!
Complete Business Solution
FxST Is More Than Just A Trading Education Company, We Are a Complete Business Solution To Any Serious Entrepreneur.


FxST Forex Trading System Components

FxPM Software

Forex Price Movement Proprietary Trading Software

FxPM achieves the Ultimate Forex Software Benchmark that all professional traders desire. FxPM is truly a One-of-a-Kind Trading Platform designed to specifically execute an Inter-Bank trading strategy that demands precision beyond perfection! When billions of dollars are being traded, every fraction of a pip, each micro-second, and 100% confidence in trade execution are critical.

This Revolutionary New Forex Trading System unlocks a hidden Inter-Bank interpretation on Price Action. Unlike the traditional retail trader that can only see Price Action after it happens, as opposed to professionals who trade with Price Action in Real-Time.  For the very first time, the average retail trader can gain a competitive advantage with FxPM’s exclusive features:

  • Deep Liquidity & STP Execution
  • Efficient & Reliable Trade Execution
  • Competitive Tight Spreads 0-2 Pips*
  • Proprietary Indicators and Charting Tools
  • No Dealing Desk Intervention
  • Multi-Time Frame Matrix
  • Access Deep Pools of Liquidity (8 of the worlds largest banks)



Multi-Time Frame Matrix
Clearly See The Trends And Momentum In The Market.
Matrix Alert System
Clearly Identify Trading Signals That Are Simple And Accurate
Dynamic Fibonacci
The Simple Way To Read And Apply Dynamic Fibonacci.
Matrix Notes Feature
Never Miss Out On A Trade or Profitable Opportunity Again.


Core Module Training Material

Skills You Need To Make Money In All Market Conditions

The FxST Trading System Video Modules are designed to give the trader a solid foundation to build their Forex business. It can take someone who is a complete newbie and introduces them to  “Exposing The Inner World Of Interbank Trading” and how to take advantage of it. With over 4 hours of intense step by step blueprint videos packed into 14 simple to understand tutorials,this gets you started trading in the Forex Market like a professional!

The focus of this course is to develop your basic Forex knowledge, understanding of fundamental and technical analysis, and executing trades successfully on your trading platform. You do not need to have an MBA from an Ivy League school, and you certainly don’t need any background experience with Forex trading to get started . FxST has literally leveled the playing field when it comes to individual currency trading by pooling all the best strategies, resources and tools made available today.

What separates the FxST Trading System from many other courses is that is it not just focused on the theories of trading. Theory tends to differ from reality, and that alone will not make you a profitable trader. That said, this course will show you step by step how to start executing successful strategies consistently. This will allow you not only to fully understand what is being taught, but also allow you to get real life experience in the Forex market.

Below is an outline of the FxST Training Modules.




FxST has created an interactive and  productive learning environment, that has many different resources available to our members. The key difference between our course and many others is that we have embedded our learning material in a social community where active learning is taking place daily. We encourage our members to help others as well as ask questions and make comments. So not only do you have access to video training modules, downloads, pdf worksheets, etc… you also have an active discussion around each piece of learning material!


FxST Live Forex Trading Seminar

Fast Track Your Forex Success


There is something for everybody inside the FxST Live Forex Trading Seminar. This is where we show you how to turn your trading from a hobby into a full time business. We show you the exact steps and daily routines that our in house money managers use from start to finish. We dive head first into things like Position Management, Trading Psychology, Profit-Work, and Optimizing your trading setups. This is where you take everything you have learned in the Video Modules, and start applying it in a real world professional setting. [HTML1]

FxST Live Forex Trading Seminar is an intense and hands-on, one week training program that is offered to traders of all experience levels including: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced & Money Managers. The goal of this training is to closely mentor traders on a personal level, allowing the trader to learn during live market conditions.There are Two ways a trader can be profitable, (1) Have the Odds in their favor (2) Have excellent risk:reward management on their trades. In the Live Forex Trading Seminar we show you how to do BOTH! When a trader can consistently trade having a high percentage of winning trades and manage them properly that is when you are a true professional trader.


The FxST Live Forex Trading Seminar hinges around the model of consistent account growth and preservation of capital as the foundation to start off with. It is after the confidence has been built that one can look for those larger gains.  Essentially our bread and butter is our low risk, quick and easy Price Action trades and our bigger payouts are based on holding specific trades with little to no risk. This allows us to generate Consistent Monthly Income through Emotion Free Trading and also the  opportunity for much larger gains on certain trades.


Live Forex Seminar Benefits

  • 1 Week Intensive Seminar Course
  • Full Access to FxST Trade Floor & Tools
  • Daily Lesson Plan and Learning Exercises
  • Develop a Personal Forex Business Plan
  • Trade with Professionals in Real-Time
  • Pre-loaded Professional Workstation



FxST Live Online Forex Trading Room

Reinforce Your Trading Discipline Daily

How many times have you sat at your computer trying to GUESS where the market may go an hour from now, or even a day from now? In the Live Trading Room, you learn how to trade Price Action which eliminates the guess work from trading. Our proprietary trading strategies consist of waiting for the market to make its move, then we capitalize on it. This allows the trader to significantly minimize their risk in the market, and maximize their gains with precise entries and exits. Another beautiful thing about trading Price Action is the speed at which you can collect your profits. Our strategies allow you to pocket some nice profits, while also being able to take advantage of highly profitable breakout trades, at very little to NO RISK!


Live Forex Trading Room Benifits

  • Trade Guidance By Professional Traders
  • Reinforce Trading Discipline 
  • Follow Live Trade Calls While You Learn
  • Get Questions Answered In Real Time
  • Expand Your Knowledge With Daily Analysis


FxST Profit Protection System

The Only COMPLETE Forex Business Plan

FxSTs’ Methodology revolves around taking low risk trades and as the trade works in our favor we adjust our Stop-Loss to break-even so we have NO risk exposure.  This core process ultimately shifts traders that are not profitable on a regular basis into Profitable Consistent money making Traders. When you combine this style of money management with our high percentage of winning trades you have a successful Forex Trading Business.

The FxST Trading System  provides unparalleled access to a style of trading unknown to the average trader. The time tested and profit-proven theories, methods and tools presented in this system are designed to give you a Forex education engineered for your rapid success.

Don’t take our word for it, look and hear how our students experience Forex success.

See What a Few of our Members Have Said…

“This is extremely easy to understand. Even if you do not know anything regarding Forex trading, it will guide you in the right direction. It will show you Buy/Sell zones. You will know when you should get in & out. It is awesome software!”

Muzzaffer Garbuz

“My trades have been improving each time I use FxPM! So I thought I’d share it with the Beta Members. I had 44 trades with a profit of 1,541.85, it was a marathon! Approx 20 hours of trading, I was having so much fun I couldnt sleep! FxPM is a fantastic program to guide you in trades. It gives you so much confidence when I make an entry, and shows me pretty well when momentum has exhausted and time to exit my trade. Keep up the great work guys! Looking forward to the upgrades. This Is tooooo Much fun!”

Morris Plaunt

“I have been using the software for four weeks – two weeks with demo and two weeks with a live account, of which only two days were in negative territory. My particular strategy lies in tight stops, concentrating on one currency pair (knowing its long term, medium term. and short term movements) and also only passive trading for extra safety. I also watch the PMD’s of EUR/JPY, USD/JPY, together with the USDX chart which gives exaggerated displays of the euro chart. The main thing is I have now become incredibly stingy and unemotional. For the FIRST TIME IN 5 YEARS my account is heading north!  In my opinion the software is awesome!”

Bruce Lightfoot

“FxST has gave me a whole new way of viewing the market and approaching my trades. My trading has completely changed with FxPM.”

Antoan Garcia


“I have also been trading Forex for a couple years and one of the guys that has bought all the robots and all the scams that come along and it’s nice to finally find some people that are doing what they are saying and doing it live. You can actually go in there and see it happening and you really can’t get that anywhere else!”

TJ Villano


“I’ve been trading for going on 5 years now, and have had many experiences ranging for hours of technical analysis studies to providing Forex signals, managing accounts and even CEO of my own Forex Educational & Management Business; however what I’ve learned from Armando Martinez and his team is beyond eye opening. With these teachings, I’ve had nothing but continued success.”

Dustin Wright


TJ Villano

TJ Arnette

Richard Main

Giovanni Vasquez


“Armando, I still cannot thank you enough for the knowledge you have given me. My live and my families life will be significantly better because of you. I thank god every day that you were placed in my life!  I have not had a net losing day now for over 3 weeks. I have found a strategy on the Matrix that has been very consistent for me and has worked very well. Again, I cant thank you enough!”

Brent Webb


“The Business Plan and Software really helped me put things into perspective as far as the long term exponential growth using conservative leverage. I now take smaller positions, not stay in trades to long, accept break even stops, have patience, and only trade for a very short time. I make my points and spend the rest of my enjoying it with my family! BIG thanks to your team!”

Robert Torres


“I used to be up and down doing long term trading because I could not stand being -50 or -100 pips. Since I found you guys I am growing my account steady! Another great month, just over 20%!”

Lukasz Rajski


“I’ve oned FxPM for only about a month and it’s my first month WITHOUT a loss. That is great news for me. Thank You FxPM!”

Michael Ebbah


“I have trades all different types of platforms, and it feels like i’m flying blind. It’s great to have the FxPM trade setups that are even higher probability of being positive trades! So to me the software is excellent! I would absolutely recommend it.”

Luke Johnson


“My  trading assuming one account has increased 24% so far this month with the secondary demo accounting for nearly 80%.  Starting with $18,000 and trading as if I only have one account, I now have over $34,000.  That is an 89% increase in 2.5 months.”

Lee Hendricks




Dear Forex Trader,

The journey to Forex success will change your life in ways you can never imagine. At first you may start with hopes and dreams of financial independence, but quickly you realize this is only a small part of the lifestyle enjoyed by Forex traders. The community of traders and friendships formed reveal a side of Forex that you never read about in main stream media.

The quintessential image of a Wall Street trader, with nervous ticks, heart palpitations, and existing in a chronic state of anxiety can not be further from the truth of how successful traders live. I often refer to Forex as the greatest business opportunity of the decade for 2 reasons. First, because of the simplicity of the mechanics in getting started, anybody, at any level of education or income, can get started. And secondly, because of the “Predictable Irrationality” of a 3 trillion dollar a day market.

I have been blessed in my Forex journey to have been granted the privilege to have been mentored by some of the most brilliant financial minds found in the ivory towers of international banking. The lessons learned and the growth of my own Financial IQ in training 100′s of professional traders have lead me to simplify and condense a Forex Trading Strategy that you are learning about here.

The old-fashion way of trading with complex charting and technical analysis is all but dead. Today we know trading is more of an art than science and the biggest demon you must fight is not the Forex Bully, but rather yourself and dare I say your ego? This small community of traders here, we call ourselves FxST, is all about, helping each other to stay accountable to our Forex Business Plan and to share our success and failures in the name of expanding our own FxMastery and personal mastery.

With the FxST community on this site, you begin to learn of a new world that looks very different than the Forex world you have learned about in books and from those institutional broker “retail” education programs. We hope to challenge you in every way and that you will share and comment and challenge us on the trading principles that we call FxMicroProfits™.

Ironically, the question of making big money in Forex is not an “IF” it is a given. The real skill is in not “blowing up” your accounts and giving everything back including your health. I hope you can unlock the Forex secret of how you can leverage small consistent high probable trades.

It is privilege and honor to have you visit and watch our training videos and content. Your time is important, and on this site you will find that we are serious about education and we promise not to send you hyped marketing promises of a get rich quick scheme. Everything we do is to expand FxMastery through the power of our trading strategy called FxMicroProfits™

I look forward to seeing you on the inside!


To Your Success,


Terms And Conditions

*During normal market conditions. The spreads are not fixed and may fluctuate with market volatility.
**$1000 Coupon- Not redeemable for cash. Good towards any Live Training Seminar in Miami Office. Valid through 12/31/12. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offers
**5 Day Live Seminar- Available for any Live Training Seminar in Miami Office thru 12/31/12

After the initial 30 days, If any payments are missed , returned or canceled at the companies sole option ALL Services & Access Provided May Be Suspended & Or Canceled In Its Entirety & No Refunds Will Be Provided On Any Prior Payments.