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DAY 1 – Bonus Forex Newbie Videos

The Forex Scalper Success Formula (Part 1 of 7): Return To Day 1 Action Guide

Day 1: Beginner Forex Scalping Basics

Before you begin the 7-Day Action Guide , we make the assumption that you have been introduced the basic FxST ™ trading strategies that include the concepts of:

  • Understand the awesome power of FxMicroProfits™
  • Understand The Dangers of the Forex BlackHole and Forex Bully!
  • Know the difference between JunkieProfits™ and SunshineProfits™
Learning Goal: Understand Basic Forex Terms and Language used in the FxST Training Program
Instructions: The videos are designed to be watched in a series it is recommended that all Beginners watch from Module 1 Video 1. Experienced traders can start from Module 1 Video 2.
Level: Beginner – Intermediate
Time: 21 minutes (3 videos)


Video 1: How to Buy and Sell Currency Pairs

Video 2: Currency Pair Correlations and FxST Lingo

Video 3: Forex Accounts – PIPS, Margin and Leverage

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