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Today’s video will provide you with an introduction to the FxMicroProfit™ Strategy by demonstrating the secret strategy of Inter-Bank traders called the “Double The Penny” effect.

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Video #2  – How to Beat The Forex Bully!

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Video #3 – $100k/yr Part-Time Business Plan!

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Read What Our Student’s Are Saying About the “FxMicroProfits Strategy…!”

I am still dumbfounded…and excited. It is amazing! Scalping is so much easier on my nerves than day trading.

It is wonderful to be able to stand up and walk away from trading without worrying about a trade still ongoing. I have a long way to go yet, but I am confident that I have found my niche in the Forex market. Stop losses are of paramount importance. I still need to learn to endure the price moving against me a few pips; by God’s grace I need to learn more patience after the trade is placed. However, it is clear that the FxMicroProfits™ strategy of taking small profits with small risk does work!

“Scalping is so much easier on my nerves than day trading..!”

Many thanks to Armando and his team! I now can see how I can earn income while I am caregiver-on-call to elderly parents and the chauffeur for my daughter and grandson. Even with my mistakes learning a new platform, I exceeded my monthly goal by a huge margin.

If I had been working from one account, I would have increased my assets by over 26% in March 2010. Yes, there were many nice trading days in the market, but there were several sleepers. Yes, I tended to stay at my computer through part of the afternoon session. I even cranked up the computer three evenings for a couple of hours. Yes, I have been in the Forex market for a year and a half. Yet the ease of trading this month has been great compared to others. I think it is important to note that none of my educational background really helped. My freshman daughter in college could scalp the market with ForexSuccessfulTraders™ just as easily if she had the desire…without a year and a half of Forex market experience.

– L. Hendricks, age 55 Accounting & Law Professor

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