FxMicroProfits™ Training Platinum Plus Package  ($4,997.00)

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(Total value purchased individually $12,320)

FXMM Grid Software ( Value – $3997)

• Multi-time frame analysis – instant information across 1,5,15 and 60 minute Time frames
• View up to 16 currency pairs at the same time – always see over-all market flow
• Requires $199/month datafeed

FxPM™ Matrix (Beta Version) Exclusive Limited Time Offer (Value – $2997)

• Multi-time frame analysis – instant information across 1,5,15,60 PLUS 240 minute Time frames!
• View up to 22 currency pairs at the same time – always see over-all market flow
• 6 Simple to use trading setups – Easy entry and exit points
• Next Generation Scalping Platform – See Price Movement From the inside out
• Single Column price movement indication – very easy to Interpret
• Full charting package – Install custom indicators
• Requires $89/month datafeed

FxMicroProfit Stategy Video Training Series (Value $697)

• Exclusive S.I.P.E Scalping Method
• Trademarked Scalping Strategies – 6 setups – Easy entry and exit points!
• ProfitProtectionSystem™ Professional Version Download (excel spreadsheet)
• ProfitProtectionSystem™ DVD

FxST Intensive Live Scalping Seminar (Value – $2247)

• Turn Years in Days – Eliminate Steep Learning Curve – Learn the biggest mistakes of Forex traders and how to not make the same mistakes yourself
• Avoid Confusing Technical Analysis – Learn what the professionals know about Forex correlation and how it can multiply your profits.
• How To Maximize Profit Opportunities – Learn how to turn a profit using scalping and position trading techniques
• Avoid Complex Forex Charting Systems – Learn top-down price analysis to see the market’s real trends.
• Eliminate Hours Of Frustration – Learn Best Practices Using Advanced Grid Scalping Software

FxST 6 months free Live New York Online Training Room (Value $2,382 – $397/month)

• Live Interactions With Professional Forex Traders!
• Live Daily Training – Mon-Fri 7:30-11am EST
• “Emotion-Free” trading – stress-free enjoyable trading!
• Training, reading, and video

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  • Bonus: 2 for 1 Data Feed $199
  • PPS Bonus Audit