Read Josh’s Testimonial about becoming a Full Time FX Trader while attending the Universtiy of Miami all thanks to the FxST Mentorship Program


Testimonial Update#2: 3 months after FxST Breakthrough live seminar training!

Hi, my name is Josh Wilson, I’m 20 years old and I’m a junior at the University of Miami, studying economics and finance. I moved here when I was 19 from Oregon with a couple of buddies hoping to start trading stocks and become a millionaire before I was 21- that was my main goal.  I started out with just a little bit of money in the stock market and lost it all and I was playing around on Google one day looking around at different markets to trade and I found the Forex market, had no idea that you could even trade currency. I believe it was FXDD – I downloaded an account with them, just a MetaTrader 4 account, played around with that, start clicking around and within the first month I made a ridiculous amount of money, so I thought I found a gold mine. So, I ended up opening a live account with – I believe it was  $1,200 I started out with – and I made a little money here, lost a little money there for …I’d say the first 2 weeks and then i messed up pretty bad. I basically blew my account in 3 days.  Looking back on that now the mistakes were so obvious.

And about a month after all this happened, I ended up finding Armando on a website and decided to looking in to his 1 year Mentorship Program. After getting to know him for a couple weeks I signed up for the program. I honestly can’t explain it here in the few minutes that I’m talking everything that he has provided me and offered me and he has taken not just my trading, but my mentality to a whole new level. He’s taught me an uncanny amount of psychology, money management secrets,  scalping Forex with price action. It is because Armando alone why I have been able to become a full time Forex trader at the age of 20 and I look forward to the journey ahead.

Josh Wilson

Miami, Florida


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